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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2


Class teacher: Mrs Rees

(Mrs Williams)



Key Information

Hello and welcome to Year 2. During this academic year your children will be taught, guided and supported by a number of adults in school.  We work closely as a team to ensure that we meet the needs of your children. 

Teachers:  Mrs Rees

Support Staff:   Mrs Bromley, Miss Davies and Miss Craddock



Phonics are taught in year 2 to ensure we meet the needs of the children. All children are challenged at a level suitable for them to ensure that their learning is at the highest level.  Initially, all children will be taught using the Ruth Miskin Read, Write Inc scheme.


Home Learning/Reading Diary

Children are expected to read their independent reading book at home a minimum of 3 times a week, if it is possible to read for a few minutes every day, this will obviously have a positive impact on their reading ability. In addition to this, we may set home reading tasks and spellings . Please remember to sign in your child’s reading record to indicate what reading materials have been read and note any comments or messages for us. 



For all PE lessons, children will need PE kit. This consists of a white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps. Please ensure that all items are clearly named/marked and that their pumps fit correctly. Long hair needs to be tied back and all jewellery removed. As we will be taking part in outdoor PE throughout the year, you may wish to send your child with a black, navy or grey jumper and jogging bottoms. Our PE days are usually Tuesday and Thursday but please ensure that the PE kit is in school at all times.




Forest School

We will also be going to  Forest School  on Tuesday afternoons. Please ensure that your child is wearing their School uniform when they come to school and that they bring their Forest School clothes with them. In addition, hair needs to be tied back securely and all jewellery removed.


Attendance and Punctuality

Punctuality has improved and only a few pupils are regularly late. This is recorded in the register and monitored by our EWO (Education Welfare Officer). Attendance, however, is still an issue. Please note authorised leave is no longer provided for holidays.


Water and Fruit

Water is necessary for the brain to function correctly and children have access to their water bottles during lesson time. Please send in a water bottle for your child on a daily basis.


There is an opportunity for your child to have a piece of fruit prior to playtime. This is provided by the school as we are anxious to promote healthy eating. 


Times Tables Clubs

On a Friday, your child will attempt a times table club activity. Once they have correctly answered every question in the club, they will progress to the next level. Learning their times tables will help with many aspects of Maths as they progress through the school so any support that you could give them would be beneficial. We will begin by learning the 1 and 2 times tables before progressing to the 10s and 5s and beyond. 



In Year 2, we encourage the children to be independent as possible. It would be greatly appreciated if you encouraged them to pack their own school bag and organise themselves at the start of the school day. We do not check bookbags, please place all letters, reply slips etc inside their reading records with their books as these are checked daily. 



At the end of each key stage, schools formally assess performance to measure your child’s progress. In the Summer Term your children will participate in end of Key Stage tests. As they take place in May and June, it is essential that no holidays are booked at this time. The teacher assessment is moderated by the local authority. This is to make sure teachers make consistent assessments of children’s work.


As the year progresses your children will get to know the team exceptionally well. If you have any concerns or wish to celebrate any successes with us please do not hesitate to place/write a note in the reading record. We are always available for a brief discussion after school or alternatively appointments can be made for more lengthy issues.


Daily Mile

We participate in The Daily Mile in the afternoons. We are hoping that it will increase fitness, attendance and attainment as it has done in other schools.

The idea is that all children and staff take part in the mile and that everybody runs (however slowly).





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