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Today in English we are carrying on looking at the beach and forest scene from the book.


Here is a link to the book- please don't go pass the arrival on the island page which is 2.12 on the timeline on the video.


Today we are going to be thinking about how Grandad and Syd are exploring the island but we are going to be using repetition for effect.


Gather a bank of 'and' pairs such as high and low, up and down to describe how Grandad and Syd might be searching.


Once you have the bank of pairs select one to use in your sentence.


Here is my modeled sentence :


They explored the island high and low, low and high.


After you have written your sentence have a think about what Grandad might be thinking about the island. These are his inner thoughts.


Write what you think he might be thinking in a thought bubble below your last sentence. 


Here is my thought bubble sentence:


'This place is perfect,' thought Grandad.




Today in PE we are thinking about throwing and catching a ball. 

Can you :


Throw and catch a ball with two hands.

Throw and catch a ball with one hand.

Throw and catch a ball with your non-writing hand.

Throw the ball and se if you can clap your hand together before you catch it

Challenge: How many times can you clap before you catch it? What is your record?