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Firstly play the clip below of The Jungle Book scene:


After seeing how much fun Mowgli and Baloo have together, what kind of fun do you think Grandad and Syd would have on the island together?


I want you to think about what they would be doing in the following these areas:

                     the waterfall/river     the beach    the jungle


Think about how much fun Grandad and Syd are having and what they might be seeing.


Now have a think about 'superlatives'- these are words that end in the sound '-est' such as tallest, deepest, widest, longest, shiniest, warmest, fastest, freshest, coldest, loudest etc.


Think about how you could describe the environment using the superlatives. You don't need to wrote these sentences down but you could have an adult scribe your thoughts to share with the class.


Here is my idea:


Grandad and Syd loved playing together. They climbed the tallest trees and giggled at the cheekiest monkeys. They loved exploring new places together.

Forest School


Today in forest school we are thinking about making art from nature around us. We have been thinking about abstract art using circles. Could you create some art from nature around you at home?