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You have done a lot of times tables practise Class 3.


Are you more confident with your times tables now?


We are trying to develop your instant recall of times table facts up to 12 x 12.


Today, spend some more time practising. How quickly can you answer questions?


Why don't you challenge someone at home or one of your friends (by phone) to a times table challenge?

1. Write down 20 times tables questions (with answers).

2. Ask them to do the same.


When you are ready for the challenge:

3. Ask them your 20 questions. How many can they get correct in 1 minute?

4. Then, they get to ask you their 20 questions.


The winner is the person who gets the most correct answers in the minute.


Good Luck! 

Don't forget that you can play these games for extra practise.


On Times Tables Rock Stars, how many points can you earn? 


If you have more than 10 goes in the studio, it will tell you how quickly you answer the questions? Can you get this time below 3 seconds?

Let me know how you are getting on in the blog!