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Today we are learning about a cartoonist called Carl Giles. 


Look at the Carl Giles cartoon by clicking the link below. The cartoon is called ‘Mother’s Day’ and it depicts a family picnic.


While you look at the picture, I would like you to think about the following questions:


What is going on in the picture?

Where is the light coming from? 

Where is your eye drawn to first? 

What do you notice about the characters?

Did you find anything amusing?


When you have finished looking at the cartoon, I would like you to draw your own version.


Your task is to draw your own family having a meal in a cartoon style; give each member a distinguishing feature.  


Think about what you could call your cartoon.

The video below will give you more information about Carl Giles' work. 

National Treasure 'Giles' British Cartoonist

Ronald "Carl" Giles OBE, often referred to simply as Giles, was a cartoonist best known for his work for the British newspaper the Daily Express. His cartoon...