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For our art lesson today, I would like you to choose your favourite toy and use your observational skills to sketch it. Things to remember when sketching:


  • identify geometric shapes, squares, ovals, circles etc and use these to sketch the outline of your toy
  • when sketching, hold your pencil lightly and try not to apply too much pressure
  • use the natural movement of your wrist to draw lines
  • you may need to add texture, especially if you toy is a soft toy,  short lines will give the impression of fur 
  • you may need to add shading - light and dark
  • every toy will be different so take the time to observe your toy carefully 
  • don't worry if there lots of lines, when you are happy with your shape you can rub the extra lines out 
  • when you are ready you may like to add some colour - coloured pencils will be best for this.


Have a go and see how you get on, I'm really looking forward to seeing your work later. 


If you would like some help click one of the links below. Here you'll be able to watch a Disney animator talk you through drawing some of your favourite characters. smiley

How-To Draw Buzz Lightyear From 'Toy Story' | Walt Disney World

How-To Draw Anger From 'Inside Out' | Disney's Hollywood Studios

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