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Caterpillar updates!

Caterpillar Updates


I will be giving you regular updates below on how our class caterpillars are progressing through the stages of metamorphosis.

Guidance on the Stages of Metamorphosis

Big, hungry caterpillars! Apart from Tiny Tim...(19/03/2020)

Getting bigger... (23/03/20)

Still image for this video
I was SO excited to come in and see if any of the caterpillars had began their chrysalis phase. When I arrived, one was hooked to the top and hanging down! (See photo). Here's a hyper-lapse video of them at 8.22am. Tiny Tim is still going strong! Not long now...
A 'fat Fred' hooking onto the paper!

We have a chrysalide! (25/03/20)

New home for most... (29/03/20)

Chrysalides attached to the paper beneath the lid
4 attached
3 attached
2 fell. They need to harden for one more day.
Tiny Tim is the only caterpillar remaining.

Farewell Tiny Tim 07/04/20

Released due to lack of growth. Goodluck Tim!


The shell of the chrysalis on right
Hello you beauty! 🦋

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