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This week we will be formally beginning our 'Bears' topic in Reception class. We are going to kick things off by focusing on the 'Mr Panda' book series by Steve Antony. These books focus on using good manners, being patient and being a good friend, and are a great way to talk about how we are settling in to school and being kind and respectful to each other. There are videos of all of the stories being read on YouTube if you would like to hear them for yourself (thought most are American accent readers!).



In response to these books we will having a big focus on manners in our class week and rewarding good manners with lots of praise, stickers and children moving up the Zone Board. We will be encouraging children to explore their manners in their Role Play in the Home Corner and when working as a team in their learning. We will also be finding out about Panda bears in the wild, creating our own Panda small-world habitats, and exploring black and white materials on the Creation Station, to see what wonderful things we can create. In 'Please, Mr Panda" Panda is sharing out some doughnuts so we will be designing and decorating our own doughnuts in class by copying and colouring different patterns on to doughnut pictures and decorating laminated doughnuts by sticking on and peeling off coloured sequins from sticky back plastic. Both of these activities really help to strengthen our finger muscles, ready for writing. 


Other Activities:

  • In Phonics, we will be developing our listening skills by playing some group listening games. We will also be learning how to say, read and sound out using the sounds 's,' 'a' and 't.' You can find the Jolly Phonics songs for these letters on YouTube. Listen to them together, learn the songs and actions and see what you can find around the house that starts with each letter.
  • In Maths, we will be focusing on our counting and comparing skills, grouping and comparing different amounts of toy bears. We will be discussing the rules for good counting - line them up, touch one item as you say each number and remember that the last number you say is how many there are. We will be comparing amounts using the language 'more' and 'fewer.' You could do this with soft toys at home.
  • In our Choosing Time the adults will be looking out for children's personal and communication skills this week. Can they take turns? Share? Ask and respond to their peers in conversation? Explain their ideas, opinions, wants and needs? Listen carefully in group time and respond effectively?
  • In group work time, children will be drawing pictures of themselves and describing themselves to an adult so we can look at their pencil grip, control and ability to talk about themselves. They will also be drawing a picture of their family and discussing how many people are in their family, who is the oldest/youngest/tallest/shortest etc so that we can observe their counting skills and awareness of mathematical language. These are things you could do at home.