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Class Learning


Below you will find an overview of the stimuli and learning we will be introducing children to in class this week for your information if your child is in school this week or to support you with home-schooling if your child is self-isolating at home. Support is available via your Tapestry app, or by telephoning 01562850397.


Book of the Week

'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen



In response to this text we will focusing on storytelling. We will be drawing story maps to help us retell the story in order as a group, in our play and at the Small World Tray. We will also be thinking about the descriptive language in the story and going outside to explore the natural world and see which other places we could add to the family's adventures. Following this, we will be using the structure of this book to create our own hunt stories. Our imaginations really could take us anywhere. In our stories maybe we will go on a minibeast hunt or a polar bear hunt, a dinosaur hunt, a unicorn hunt... who knows?! The possibilities are endless, which is the magic of story telling! 


In the classroom we will also be engaging in lots of continuous provision activities linked to the story, that will support our development across the curriculum. These include:

  • Practising our counting skills with bear hunt themed counting cards
  • Building our fine motor skills by building igloos for a polar bear using tweezers and ice block (sugar cubes that we will not tell the children are edible!) to prompt a retelling of the story 'We're Going on a Polar Bear Hunt'
  • Exploring colour mixing when painting in the style of Helen Oxenbury (the illustrator of 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt')
  • Working as a team to build caves for the lonely bear in the story that would be big enough for him to have friends
  • Acting out the story and our own versions of it on the stage
  • Exploring musical instruments to add sound effects to our retelling of the story
  • Making our own natural paints from grass, mud and other natural resources from the story
  • Hunting for bears in our Book Den books
  • Enjoying Bear Hunt themed yoga
  • Navigating our Beebot robot around different obstacles from the story
  • Making telescopes to go on 'I Spy' letter hunts around the classroom


If you are self-isolating you could create your own igloos from ice cubes, build your own cave from recycled materials, make your own paint from things you can find in the garden, create your own version of the story and make a telescope/binoculars to help you go on an 'I Spy' hunt around your home.




The children did a fantastic job learning our sounds last week and are already beginning to be able to blend sounds together to read their first words. This week will be be practising the sounds and tricky words we now know (satpinm, the & I) and focusing on the new sounds 'd' 'g' 'o' and 'c' and tricky words 'no' and 'go.' We will be sorting items which begin with these sounds, blending three letter words made of these sounds and playing phonics games that allow us to practise these skills. The words we will be able to read by the end of the week area: such as sat, at, a, as, pat, tap, sap, it, is, sit, sat, pit, tip, pip, sip, an, in, nip, pan, pin, tin, tan, nap, am, man, mam, mat, map, dad, sad, dim, dip, din, did, and, tag, gag, gig, gap, nag, sag, gas, pig, dig, got, on, not, pot, top, dog, pop, can, cot, cap, cat and cod. If you are self-isolating you could hunt for items beginning with our new sounds around the house and sort them into groups. You could choose and write five the words above on individual cards and take turns to read them, make a pairs game or create a game of snap. You could also hide our tricky words 'the,' 'I,' 'no' and 'go' on cards around the house for your child to find. 


Below you will find the correct pronunciation of these sounds, the Jolly Phonics songs which accompany each sound and our Tricky Words song, as well as link to a free online version of the Obb and Bob game your child will be playing in class (with plastic aliens and word cards). 


In Maths we will be focusing on counting things we cannot move and on matching numerals to amounts. We will be counting claps, jumps, hops and skips outside by counting and copying an adult, before building short movement patterns with a partner. We will also be closing our eyes and listening to Miss Bagnall drop gem stones into a bowl and counting how many she drops without being able to see them, before opening our eyes and counting to check if we were correct. In addition, we will be going on number hunts outside and learning how to write the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 using the rhymes below. These are all activities you can do at home. 




Physical Development


Enjoy this Bear Hunt themed yoga with your child: