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Class Learning


Below you will find an overview of the stimuli and learning we will be introducing children to in class this week for your information if your child is in school this week or to support you with home-schooling if your child is self-isolating at home. Support is available via your Tapestry app, or by telephoning 01562850397.


Book of the Week

'Bear Snores On' by Karma Wilson



This book allows us to continue thinking about the changing seasons and how Autumn will turn to Winter, and to expand our knowledge of 'Bears.' The children spent some time thinking last week about any things they have not yet found out about bears during our topic, that they would like to make sure we cover this week. Their ideas included whether bears can swim; if they really like honey and how fast they can run.


As part of our learning around this text, we will be:

  • Learning about how and why some bears hibernate
  • Using non-fiction books to answer our final questions about bears
  • Exploring Autumn and Winter items frozen in ice
  • Writing wintery letters in salt snow
  • Developing our own hibernation science experiments and testing materials to see which would keep bear the warmest
  • Making our own popcorn on the open fire at Forest School, just like the animals in the book
  • Building caves and burrows for bears to hibernate in
  • Investigating light inside a cardboard cave
  • Concentrating for a long period of time on bear-themed still life art drawing and
  • Making our own books based on 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?'


Investigative Language Focus


Across this week we will be focusing on developing the children as 'explorers' by developing their investigate learning skills and language. We will be encouraging the children to do their own exploring and investigating by setting up investigations, offering investigative opportunities and explicitly teaching investigative phrases, including:


  • I want to find out
  • Predict
  • Method
  • Record
  • Results
  • I wonder if...
  • Let's investigate to see if...


In class, we will be investigating items trapped in ice, how far conkers will roll, which materials will keep bear the warmest and to create the clearest and most defined shadows in a cave. 


Here are some simple investigations you could do at home:





In Phonics, we have now officially taught all of the Phase 2 sounds! Hurray! The children now know all of the following sounds:


s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b l ll f ff ss


After Half Term, we will repeat all of these sounds again in Phonics sessions, but with a new focus on Writing them, as we have focused on Reading to this point. This week we will be continuing to focus on reading a small group of the Phase 3 sounds so that the children can read all of the letters of the alphabet by half term as this helps to open up a whole world of words to them. These sounds are slightly more difficult to read, distinguish and recall so children may need a lot of practise with them. This is nothing to worry about. We will be focusing on the following sounds:


j v w x y z zz & qu


We will not be covering the other Phase 3 sounds until we have repeated Phase 2 with a writing focus.

We will also continue our focus on the six Tricky Words of Phase 2:


I   no   go   to   the   into



This week we will be focusing on the mathematical skill of finding 'one less.' We will be using cubes, singing number number songs, using our fingers and moving bears forwards and backwards along number lines to help us with this skill. Singing songs like '10 Green Bottles' and '5 Currant Buns' with support children with this skill, as will being able to count backwards, down to blast off!