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Transition Days


Your child will be attending school for one day this week - their first day at 'BIG SCHOOL!'


During this day we will be getting to know each other and our classroom. The children will have an opportunity to play some "Getting to Know You" games to help them remember the names of the children in the group that they have already met before and learn the names of children they do not yet know. We will have lots of fun finding out more about each other; getting to know the grown-ups; finding out where things are in our classroom and exploring the lovely resources we have to help us 'Enjoy, Discover and Achieve' at Cookley.


During the day we will be sharing the story "While We Can't Hug" by Eoin McLaughlin to remind us of all the ways we can show our friends that we care about them (but rest assured that we will hug a child who needs it!) and we will be practising how to wash our hands to keep us safe, as well as discussing how important it is to "Catch it, Bin it and Kill it" if we cough or sneeze. We will be looking at what germs look like under a microscope and creating our own collage germs at the Creation Station to put up in the classroom as a fun and non-threatening way to remind us to wash our hands regularly.



Most importantly, your child's first day is a time for them to explore and play and there will be lots of time for this. The adults will be there to look after everybody, help them settle, ease any worries and make sure that everyone goes home with a smile on their face and feeling excited for the adventure ahead!