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Class work


We start the week writing a letter of help to Theseus, now King of Athens, as a villager living in Greece. The aim is to persuade him to come and slay the deathly Hydra which is terrorising the land. Then, the children will be building up to planning their story which in turn will lead to their independently written piece. 


Maths: Multiplication and Number

  • Identify multiples and factors, including finding all factor pairs of a number, and common factors of two numbers
  • Square and cube numbers
  • Prime numbers
  • Roman numerals 



We continue to look at the effects of friction this week. 


Topic: We continue to study Greek art, specifically exploring the Parthenon Marbles. We will consider the impact and legacy ancient Greek art and architecture had and still has on art across different parts of the world. 


Music: We are still learning how to sign Livin' on a Prayer as well as playing and repeating main rhythms. We are also listening to and appraising other famous rock songs through the ages. 


RE: Unit 2.1 What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving?


PSHE: Our emotional needs. 

  • Recognise basic emotional needs, understand that they change according to circumstance;
  • Identify risk factors in a given situation (involving smoking or other scenarios) and consider outcomes of risk taking in this situation, including emotional risks.


PE: Monday skill sessions with Mrs Machin; Wednesday hockey sessions with Mr Wheeler. 


Computing: Online safety and how to research effectively online with Miss Palfrey. 


Wednesday 7th October: Archery or bush craft survival skills led by 'A Sporting Chance'. Details sent out to parents. Suitable clothing required.