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Class work

Assessment Week: This week the children will be sitting the Year 4 Summer Maths, Reading and SPaG tests to give a baseline and identify any gaps in understanding for future planning purposes. 



The children will be continuing their independent piece based on Theseus vs. the Hydra in the swamps of Lake Lerna. This will be completed and edited by the end of the week. 



Due to limited time due to testing, this week we will studying mainly Roman Numerals. 



This week is all about the use of pulleys and gears (mechanisms). 


Topic: We continue to study the Parthenon stone sculptures (Parthenon marbles), but this week we will be debating whether or not the pieces in the British Museum in London should be given back to Greece. 


Music: We are still learning how to sign Livin' on a Prayer as well as playing and repeating main rhythms. We are also listening to and appraising other famous rock songs through the ages. 


RE: Unit 2.1 What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving?


PSHE: Communication

  • Understand that online communication can be misinterpreted; 
  • Accept that responsible and respectful behaviour is necessary when interacting with others online as well as face-to-face.


PE: Monday skill sessions with Mrs Machin; Wednesday hockey sessions with Mr Wheeler. *


Computing: Online safety and how to research effectively online with Miss Palfrey. 


*Wednesday 14th October: Archery or bush craft survival skills led by 'A Sporting Chance'. Details have been sent out to parents. Suitable clothing required.