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Class work

English: New Sequence

This week we start our new sequence which has the end goal of writing an informative and engaging holiday brochure. We start the week by studying the non-fiction 'shapes', then we will be conducting some research on Sicily, and finally, we will begin our sentence stacking sessions. 


Maths: Fractions

  • Finding fractions of amounts
  • Counting in fraction sequences


Science: Forces

We will be studying pulleys and gears (mechanisms). 


TopicAncient Greece

This week, we will be exploring how the Greeks started the Olympic Games which still continue today. We will be studying images of primary sources which depict certain Olympic events. 


Music: We are still learning how to sign Livin' on a Prayer as well as playing and repeating main rhythms. We are also listening to and appraising other famous rock songs through the ages. 


RE: Unit 2.1 What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving? This week we will be creating a piece of art which expresses Christian's belief that God is holy and loving. 


PSHE: Finish our lesson on 'Communication'. 


PE: Monday skill sessions with Mrs Machin; Wednesday hockey sessions with Mr Wheeler. 


Computing: Online safety and how to research effectively online with Miss Palfrey.