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Class work

English: Holiday brochure

We are continuing our sentence stacking sessions based on Sicily this week. By the end of the week, this shared piece will be completed and the children will then be using their research homework based on Greece to begin to plan their own brochure. 


Maths: Fractions

  • Converting between improper and mixed fractions. 
  • Finding equivalent fractions. 


Science: Space

Our first session on space will be based on how we know the Earth, sun and moon are spherical bodies. 


Art: Art and Design Skills

Inspired by the ‘Little Inventors Project’ founded by artist, designer and inventor Dominic Wilcox, children come up with their own ideas of what we're missing in the world, seeing their chosen idea through to a final design.


PSHE: Valuing Difference

The qualities of friendship. 



Islam with Mrs Wheeler.



Wednesday sessions with Mr Wheeler and Thursday session with Mrs Machin. Please come in appropriate PE kit on these days. 


Computing: Online Safety



Charanga 'Classroom Jazz' with Miss Palfrey.