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Class work

English: Cosmic

This week, we move onto our next sequence based on the book 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. We have read up to page 40 as a class where the main character Liam, and friend Florida, have stumbled across a Porsche showroom. The children's task over the coming weeks is to write what happens next. 


Maths: Decimals and negative numbers

  • Rounding decimals
  • Decimal sequences
  • Negative numbers - counting forwards and backwards. 
  • Negative numbers - reasoning and problem solving. 


Science: Space

First, we are finishing off our planet posters. Once completed, our next lesson is all about explaining how planets move in our solar system by exploring geocentric and heliocentric theories.


Art: Art and Design Skills

We need to finish our observational drawing based on 'Walking a line'. 


PSHE: Valuing Difference

Kind conversations. Learning outcomes:

  • Rehearse active listening skills
  • Demonstrate respectfulness in responding to others
  • Respond appropriately to others



Islam with Mrs Wheeler.



Wednesday sessions with Mr Wheeler and Thursday session with Mrs Machin. Please come in appropriate PE kit on these days. 


Computing: Online Safety

This week, the children will be planning an animation with the aim of educating Year 3 children about online safety using Stop Motion. 



Charanga 'Classroom Jazz' with Miss Palfrey.