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Class work

English: Cosmic

The children have made a brilliant start to their stories. We finish our sentence stacking lessons this week and then the children will be moving onto planning their independent piece.



  • Decimal sequences

  • Add and subtract decimals


Science: Night and day

We are going to explore what night and day is and how it occurs. 


Art: Art and Design Skills

Children draw a portrait of themselves or a partner, using just one continuous line, then referring to a poem or text, write over the lines, creatively varying the size and style of their writing to suit the details of the picture.


PSHE: Valuing Difference

Happy being me. 

Children will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of discrimination and its injustice, and describe this using examples;
  • Empathise with people who have been, and currently are, subjected to injustice, including through racism;
  • Consider how discriminatory behaviour can be challenged.



Islam with Mrs Wheeler.



Wednesday sessions with Mr Wheeler and Thursday session with Mrs Machin. Please come in appropriate PE kit on these days. 


Computing: Online Safety

The children continue to create their animations using stop motion. 



Charanga 'Classroom Jazz' with Miss Palfrey.