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Class work

English: Cosmic

Having completed our sentence stacking sessions, the children will be planning and writing their independent piece this week. 



  • Short multiplication (ThHTO x O)
  • Multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000
  • Solving problems involving multiplication and division. 


Science: Night and day - Time Zones

We will be briefly recapping how night and day occurs and then the children will be studying time zones. 


Art: Art and Design Skills

Children draw a portrait of themselves or a partner, using just one continuous line, then referring to a poem or text, write over the lines, creatively varying the size and style of their writing to suit the details of the picture. (Continued from last week). 



We have our virtual visit from Harold and the staff from SCARF this Friday morning based on wellbeing. In preparation for this session via zoom, we will be completing an 'Emotional Health Wheel' to share our ideas about how we can boost our mental health and wellbeing, even when feeling low. 



Islam with Mrs Wheeler.



Wednesday sessions with Mr Wheeler and Thursday session with Mrs Machin. Please come in appropriate PE kit on these days. 


Computing: Online Safety

After a few very busy afternoons, the children have shown they can create animations using stop motion software. Not all groups completed their animations in the time given; nonetheless, all showed good teamwork and had fun creating characters and scenes using Lego to then use in their animations. The children will be evaluating and reviewing their animations as well as others' this week. 



Charanga 'Classroom Jazz' with Miss Palfrey.