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Welcome back everyone!

I hope you've all had a marvellous Christmas break and feel well-rested. 


As before, a general outline of what we'll be getting up to during the school week will be posted here. 


English: Coming Home

We start the week editing the independent writing completed last term. Once published, we shall then have an experience day focused on gathering vocabulary on storms to help the children gain ideas for sentence stacking lessons. 


Maths: Place value and subtraction

The children will first be studying the place value of numbers up to a million. Then we will move onto recapping column subtraction, including subtracting decimals. 


Science: Properties and changes of materials. 

This is our new half-term Science subject. The first lesson focuses on developing the children's knowledge on specific properties of a range of materials. This includes learning new scientific vocabulary and testing different materials. 


Topic: Extreme Earth

Our new topic is based on our homeland - Earth - and all its natural wonders. This week I will be asking the children what they already know about mountains and then go onto look at the features of mountains for the core of the lesson. 


RE: Christianity - beliefs in God. 


PSHE: Being my best. 

'Getting fit'.

Children will be able to:

  • Know two harmful effects each of smoking/drinking alcohol.
  • Explain the importance of food, water and oxygen, sleep and exercise for the human body and its health. 
  • Understand the actual norms around smoking and the reasons for common misperceptions of these.


PE: Friday afternoons. 


Forest school: Wednesday afternoons. 


Computing: Coding using Discovery Education.