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Class work


This week we are moving onto our next sequence based on the famous Greek myth 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. We will be listening to the story, gathering vocabulary and then we will begin working through the first plot points as a class. 


Maths: Properties of Shapes

  • Identify 3-D shapes, including cubes and other cuboids, from 2-D representations.


Science: Forces

This week we will be exploring the effect of water resistance. 


Topic: Ancient Greek gods and buildings. 


Music: We are still learning how to sign Livin' on a Prayer as well as playing and repeating main rhythms.


RE: Unit 2.1 What does it mean for Christians to believe that God is holy and loving?


PSHE: Relationship cake recipe. 

  • Identify what things make a relationship unhealthy;
  • Identify who they could talk to if they needed help.


Art: Formal Elements Lesson 5: Monuments. 

After learning about what monuments are, children design their own to reflect something they want to commemorate.


PE: Monday skill sessions with Mrs Machin; Wednesday hockey sessions with Mr Wheeler. 


Computing: Online safety with Miss Palfrey.