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Communication and Language


  • Comprehension: Read or listen to the story 'Supertato' and discuss these questions together:
  1. Where did the evil pea escape from?
  2. Which vegetable was wrapped up in toilet roll?
  3. What was the pea carrying when he chased Supertato?
  4. Why do you think Supertato chose jelly for his trap rather than a different food?
  5. Why do you think Sue Hendra (the author) chose a pea to be the villain? 



  • Be a superhero: Help your child to give themselves a superhero name – provide some starters to initiate ideas e.g. Captain …., The Mighty…, The Incredible …, Doctor etc. Then decide on a superhero skill and what your superhero would wear. You could even make a mask of your superhero and role-play as your hero. Finally, create some simile sentences about your superhero, like in the story of "Super Daisy" which I have put on Tapestry e.g. He/She is faster than... stronger than... more brave than...


  • Following instructions: make some jelly together. Ask your adult to read the instructions for you to follow. You could “trap” some fruit, such as berries in it, like the pea who gets stuck in the story. Alternatively, you could trap plastic toys in the jelly and use it for messy play rather than to eat.






Phase 1 Games:

Explore the Phase 1 resources on the Phonics Play website which you can access on a phone, tablet or laptop. During lockdown, you can use the username "march 20" and the password "home" for free access.

Games to explore: Sound Starters, Welcome to the Zoo, Cake Bake, Super Smoothie, Hickory Dickory Dock.

Here is the link: 





Alliteration is when words start with the same sound such as “seven sizzling sausages.” Here are some alliteration super hero sentences you can practise saying together. Talk about which sound alliterates and listen for it in each sentence. Then practise making sure you say all the sounds in the words clearly. It is good fun to try and say these sentences a bit faster as it gets very tricky!


Super Spiderman spins strong silk.


Brave Batgirl blasts badguys.


Fabulous Flash flies far fast.


Supergirl soars so smoothly.


Alliteration story challenge:

Make up an alliteration superhero story. Choose a sound that you like and go around the house finding things that start with the sound. Then use either a superhero toy, a superhero vegetable you have made, a drawing of a superhero or yourself role-playing as a super hero to make up an alliteration story using all the resources you find. Here is my story about Carrie the Carrot using items that start with the 'c' sound (c or k) in my kitchen. Your story does not need to be as long and detailed as mine of course!