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Communication & Language and Phonics


Listen to the story of ‘Farmer Duck’ and discuss the following questions with your child:

  1. Who is the main character in the story?
  2. Name 3 different animals in the story?
  3. Can you find the word beginning with ‘L’ that describes how the farmer didn’t do any work?
  4. If you could speak to the farmer, what would you say to him?


Video Challenge: Learn how to say different animal names in sign language with Miss Bagnall





Here are a range of Phonics games and activities that you can do using either plastic farm animals (if you have them at home), printed versions of the photos below or simple drawings of farm animals that you can make together. Choose the activity/activities which best suits you and where your child is in their learning.


  • Who am I? Have the animals in view and describe them for your child to find e.g. I am black and white. I have four legs and I make milk. Who am I?
  • I Spy with my little eye, an animal beginning with d…
  • Focus on the noises the animals make. I can hear a cluck. What animal is making it? (It is good practice to talk about the noises each animal makes, rather than the sounds they make, to avoid confusion when children talk about different sounds in Phonics. The sounds in dog are ‘d-o-g’ whereas the noise a dog makes in ‘woof.’)
  • Sound out the animals for your child to find. Can you pick up the p-i-g?
  • Play Kim’s game. Place all the animals/pictures on a tray. Ask your child to look really carefully at the tray and then turn around while you take one away. Can your child tell you which animal has been taken away? Can they tell you what sound that animal starts with.
  • With plastic animals you can hide them in a bag and make a feely bag. You child can feel the animal and talk about what they can feel and help them guess which animal it is.
  • Make up your own stories and scenarios with the animals and engage in some small world play e.g. Oh no! The tractor is stuck in the mud. How can the animals help? or pig has escaped from his pen. Let’s work as a team of animals, to find him.




Video challenge: Can you blend the sounds to help Miss Bagnall find the different farm animals?