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Communication & Language and Phonics




Listen to the story of ‘Peace at Last’ and discuss the following questions with your child.

  1. Who could not sleep?
  2. Which item in the house made the “tick-tock” sound?
  3. Did the story take place in the day time or at night? How do you know?
  4. What do you do if you find it hard to sleep?


Day and Night Sorting Activity


This is a sorting activity and should be full of language and talk. Below are a range of different things that happen at different times of day. Look at each one with your child and talk about whether it happens in the day or at night. It may prompt language such as dark, light, sun, moon, safe, nocturnal, sleep etc. You might like to print them off and physically sort them into two groups, but this is not necessary.






‘P-P-P-Peace At Last’ starts with a ‘p’ sound. What else can you find around the house that starts with a ‘p’? (e.g. pencil, pen, pillow, pan). Take a photo of the things you find.



Video Challenge: Can you copy Miss Bagnall and recreate the sounds from the story of ‘Peace At Last?’ Being able to create different voice sounds is an important skill that will help you when you learn to read.