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Communication & Language and Phonics



Enjoy the story of ‘Astro Girl’ on Tapestry and then discuss these questions with your child:

  1. What was the little girl’s name?

  2. What did Astrid want to be when she grew up?

  3. Can you name one thing that Daddy says astronauts have to be able to do?

  4. Where had Mummy been?



Communication and Language (Links with Personal, Social and Emotional Development and People and Communities)


Do you know what you might like to be when you grow up yet? What do the people in your house and your wider family do in their jobs? What skills would you need to do that job? Talk about different jobs.

You might like to work together to draw a photo of your child doing that job, dress up as someone doing that job or use photo editing software to make an image of your child doing their dream job.





Phase 1 Activity: Alien Names


Here are some silly alien names that all start with the same sounds


Ping Pang Pog Pop

Mig Mog Mully Mo

Fo Fi Fandle Fee


Talk to your child about the names and help them to imagine what the strange creatures might look like. Draw attention to the aliens’ names. Make the pattern clearer by emphasising the initial sound of an alien’s name. Draw the children’s attention to the way you start each word with the shape of your lips, teeth and tongue. Can they describe/draw/make their alien? Can they make up their own silly alien names using a different letter of the alphabet? No one knows if aliens are real so your designs can be as weird and whacky as you like! There are no rules!


Video Challenge: Can you listen to Miss Bagnall’s clues to work out which alien she is describing?