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Communication & Language and Phonics




Enjoy the story together and then discuss these questions with your child.

  1. Where is Hairy Maclary from?

  2. What is Hercules Morse as big as?

  3. What type of animal is Scarface Claw?

  4. Are there more dogs or cats in the story?


Communication and Language


Your Dream Pet: If you could have any pet in the world, real or pretend, what would you choose? What would it look like? What would you name it? Where would it live? What would it eat? Would it have any special skills? Talk together about your ideas. You might like to draw your dream pet and colour it in.



(This image is taken from Nick Sharratt’s book ‘You Choose’ – a fantastic book to start lots of different conversations with your child)




Sound hunt: You did such a great job of finding things around your house that began with ‘p’ when we read ‘Peace at Last’ that this week I would like you to go on a ‘h’ hunt. H-h-h for Hairy!

Here are some ideas: hairbrush, hat, hand, hammer, heart, hamster.



Video Challenge: Can you use your fantastic listening skills to work out which instrument Miss Bagnall is playing even when they are hidden?


Video Challenge: Can you listen carefully and 'Guess the Pet?'


Video Challenge: Enjoy an extra song with Miss Bagnall about a pet