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Day 3

Miss Yeomans' final message 17.07.20

This is it year 1. Your final day as year 1. You have been a pleasure to teach and such a lovely class. I have enjoyed every minute of teaching you and I was...

Something educational ...

Today I want you to think all the moments in history from dinosaurs to cavemen to the Victorians to now. 

As part of today's task I would like you to think about what moments you would like to visit if you could time travel.


Design a poster like the one below with drawings of the moments in history you would like to visit .

Something fun ...
To celebrate the end of your time in year one, I would like you to have a little party for yourself at home like we would normally have at school. You could plan a party feast, decorations, party clothes and games. I can't wait to see your party pictures.