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Day 3

Miss Yeomans' message


Today in maths you are going to be thinking about money and finding change.


Task 1

Find all the different coins that are part of British currency : 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2.


Find someone in your household and describe the differences between the coins e.g size, shape and colour.


Task 2

Follow the link below and complete the following activities:

1. One coin- making the correct amount using one coin.

2. Mixed coins- making the correct amount up to 20p.

3. Mixed coins- giving change up to 20p.


Task 3




Follow the link below to the Ruth Miskin phonics channel on YouTube. There will be a video uploaded, one sound per day (which is a recap of sounds taught) and this video will be available for 24 hours. There will also be a following spelling session for your child to test their phonics knowledge. It is important that you do both sessions. 


Storytime- will not commence again until July. I will keep you updated about the return of story time.

However whilst you are waiting for the return of story time why not watch poetry time:


Phonics play

Username: march20

Password: home


Phonics children's TV programme:



Phonics play alternative:

Topmarks phonics games


Reading buddy alternative:

Oxford Owl reading books


If you want to listen to any stories follow the link below for Mr T's reading channel:

Mr T's Reading Channel


Today you will be listening to the second part of the Sleeping Beauty story and thinking of alternatives of different parts of the story.


Task 1

Listen to the second part of the Sleeping Beauty story. Then compare the version of Sleeping Beauty on Monday compared to the one you listened to today. This about the similarities and the differences. You don't need to print the sheet.


Task 2

How would you get past the hedge? Draw a picture of you trying a different way to get past the hedge. You can be as inventive as you like. Write sentences underneath your picture to explain how you would get past the hedge to rescue the princess. You don't need to print the sheet.


Task 3

In the story the prince wakes the princess up with a kiss. Who or what might have woken her up and how would they have done it? Pick your favourite idea and write the idea in a sentence explain how the princess was woken up and by what/who.



Today is the last day we will be looking at colour. 


Today we are going to  be investigating which is the warmest colour and why you chose to wear certain colours in certain weather.


Which is the warmest colour?

You will need:

  • coloured card/plastic ( black, white, red ,blue and yellow)
  • 5 equal sized ice cubes
  • stop watch
  • sunny day or warm room


Step 1- Place your different coloured card/plastic in a sunny spot/warm spot. Even thought it might be overcast today the temperature will still reach 18 degrees so a window sill will be optimal. 


Step 2- Place an ice cube on each of the coloured pieces of card/ plastic. 


Step 3- Time how long each piece of ice takes to melt.


Which ice cube melts first? Why do you think that ice cube melted first?


What happened?


The colour we say an object 'is' is actually the colour it reflects. All of the other colours are not reflected. 


As the white card/plastic reflects all the light and the black card/plastic absorbs all the light; the black card should heat up faster and melt the ice cube quicker.