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For today’s lesson, we are thinking about where our food comes from.

Start by trying this activity. First, draw on the map where each food item has travelled from. Then work out how many miles away this is. (You can use the website linked to calculate the distance or research it yourself.)

Next, if you are at home, go into the kitchen and list at least 10 foods that you can see. This might be a mix of fresh food like fruit and vegetables or dried, tinned or packaged foods. If you can’t do this, think back to what you’ve eaten over the past week and list at least 10 of the foods.


Your challenge is to research where these 10 foods have come from.

How many miles have they travelled to get to you?


Now, think about these recipes. Which one has the most food miles? Is this always the case? Why? Why not? Would it change depending upon the season? Why might this be the case?

Should we reduce our food miles?

Read what Ravi and Bella think.

What do you think? Do you agree with Ravi or Bella? Should we be trying to buy local and reduce our food miles, or should we be choosing from the huge range that we have available in our shops? Talk about your ideas with someone else. Do they agree with you or do they have a different opinion.


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