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Today, is our first DT lesson about food and nutrition. It may take longer than one hour and you will need a grown up for some of the activities.


Your task is to design, make and evaluate your own rainbow themed healthy snack, meal or treat.


Start by looking at some of these ideas.

Healthy Rainbow Smoothie Pops

How to Make A Healthy Rainbow Smoothie

Rainbow Salad | Salad Ideas for Kids | Healthy Rainbow Salad Recipe | Easy Kids Recipes

Rainbow Wraps! An easy packable lunch that helps everyone eat more veggies


Talk to your grown-up to decide what you’d like to make. It might be based on one of the ideas above or something else that you enjoy making at home.


Draw a picture and label your design. Which colours will it include? What ingredients will you use?


Then, when (or if) your grown-up has time to supervise, make your rainbow themed healthy snack, meal or treat. Don’t worry if you can’t make it today, you might be able to make it at another time.


If you do have chance to create your snack, meal or treat, remember to take a photograph before you eat it!


Eat and enjoy!


Finally, you need to evaluate your rainbow themed snack, meal or treat.

- Evaluation sheet

I look forward to seeing your rainbow treats and your evaluation later. smiley