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Easter Challenge


I can now reveal that after Easter, our new topic will be...




We will be finding out all about what jungles are, where we find them, which animals live there and how we can protect them with the choices we make in our everyday lives. We will be exploring texts including 'Rumble in the Jungle,' 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey,' 'Parrot Tico Tango' and 'I Wanna Iguana.'



Over the Easter Holidays, you might like to start preparing for this topic by choosing one of the activities. You are welcome to do more. This home learning is NOT compulsory.


  • Find out where jungles are in the world and look at them on a world map. You could also explore them on Google Maps to see exactly what they look like.
  • Listen to a video of jungle sounds on YouTube. Imagine you are in the jungle and write down what you see, hear and smell. 
  • Research which animals live in jungles. Pick your favourite animal, draw/paint it and write down some facts you have learnt about it.
  • Design your own jungle in a shoebox using craft materials.
  • Watch David Attenborough clips together and talk about the ways in which different animals move. You could have a go at making up your own animal movements, traveling like each animal or even choreographing an animal dance. 
  • Below are some Jungle clips, dances, videos and meditations that you might like to use to support your Home Learning.

Tree and Plant Life in the Jungle | David Attenborough | BBC Studios

The 'Busy' Life of the Sloth | BBC Earth

Mother Orangutan Teaches Daughter How to Survive in the Rainforest | Life | BBC Earth

Please let us know what you get up to on Tapestry. We love to hear about your great learning at home!