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Easter home learning


Now that the children know all of the sounds of the letters of the alphabet they should know learn the names of these letters. To familiarise the children with the names, sing the traditional rhyme A, B, C, D ... Then focus on a few of the letters each day. Teach your child the name of the letter whilst also checking that they continue to recall the accurate sound of the letter too. Write the letters on pieces of paper and continue to practise the letter names already learnt this can be done by shuffling the pack of letters so they are in a random order. When we return to school the children will be assessed on their knowledge of the names of the letters of the alphabet in a random order. 

Naming the letters of the alphabet


Children can now practise learning more words by sight. These words can not be Fred talked and in school we call these our red words. The children enjoy recalling these words against the clock and like to try and beat their score each day. These words can be written on pieces of paper or printed off and added to the children's word wallets. Additional words will now be focused on each week until we return to school. 

High Frequency Words

PHONICS :  Set 2 Speed Sounds Lessons

If you missed one of the online phonics lessons or want to continue watching them over the holiday period then continue to tune into You Tube Read Write Inc Set 2 sounds at 10:00.

Repeats of lessons streamed up until Friday 3rd April will be shown during the Easter holidays. Due to Bank Holidays two sounds from each set will not be repeated. 

Monday 6th; ay,

Tuesday 7th; ee,

Wednesday 8th; igh

Thursday 9th; ow

Tuesday 14th; oo

Wednesday 15th; oo

Thursday 16th; ar

Friday 17th; or