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This week's English is based on the text, King of the Birds.


Listen to the story read here.


King of the Sky by Nicola Davies, read by Ruth Merttens | Storytelling from Hamilton Trust

Join Ruth Merttens as she reads 'King of the sky' by Nicola Davies. A story of a lonely young immigrant, his friendship with an old man and the pigeons that ...

Answer the questions.

Write descriptions of places

  • Look at the pictures of St Peter’s Square in Rome and Tredegar in Wales.
  • Write some Descriptive Words and Phrases about each of these places. What do you notice? How could you describe it to someone who couldn’t see the photographs?
  • Write a description of the view from your home. Try to make it really clear so someone can imagine it without actually seeing it. Notice small details, like the brickwork, or the shape of windows.
  • Watch this trailer for a play based on King of the Sky.

Remember, you don't need to print any of the activities unless you want to.


If you want to, try the additional activity below.

Pontardawe Arts King of The Sky

Pontardawe Arts Centre has supported The King of the Sky written by Nicola Davies. A play about a family moving from Italy to Wales and the difficulties that...

  • Can you make up a play-scene from the story? You could write a script or you could act it out with toys or with people in your house.


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