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Reading & English


Watch the video to find out what happens next in our story and what you will need to do for Reading and English today.



Year 2 English - 29.06.20

Wanted: The Perfect Pet Lesson 3 - reading & writing



Draw a picture of the boy in the story on the page shown below. He is desperate for a dog and has placed an advert in the newspaper for his perfect pet. How do you think he is feeling at this point of the story? Write words and phrases to describe his thoughts and feelings around your picture. You will use this piece of work for for your English work today.



Use your role on the wall from today's reading session and this model of a diary written from the Henry's point of view to help you to write your own diary from Henry's point of view at this point in the story. Remember to include his thoughts and feelings and use conjunctions to explain and expand your ideas.