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We are continuing with the dragon's story today.


Yesterday, we looked at the conversation between the dragon and the wizard, today we are thinking about the potion.


Walk around your house and garden. What can you smell? List as many positive adjectives to describe smells.

e.g. sweet-smelling, fragrant, delicious, aromatic, perfumed.


Now write this as part of your plot point. The wizard is making the potion and the dragon can smell it.

e.g. Nervously, Leitmeritz consulted his big, red book of spells and immediately started adding ingredients into the cauldron. As Leitmeritz stirred the bubbling potion, delicious, sweet-smelling perfumes wafted up to Argos' giant green snout.


Think about how the dragon is feeling at this point. Jot down your ideas.

e.g. excited, eager, enthusiastic, delighted.


Write this part of your plot point.

e.g. Argos hovered excitedly, barely able to contain his enthusiasm. He couldn't wait to get his voice back, no one was scared of an almost silent dragon and more importantly, he couldn't communicate with his friends.


Now the dragon is going to drink the potion. List as many different words as you can think of for drinks.

e.g. slurped, guzzled.


Write this as part of your plot point.

Once the potion was complete, Leitmeritz looked on anxiously as Argos slurped, guzzled and gulped until he had consumed every last drop of the magical potion.


Now read through your work.

Can you edit and improve it?

When you are happy with it, send it to us at the class email address.