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Today, we are thinking about what happens after the dragon drinks the potion.


Start by thinking of adverbs to show that something happens quickly.

e.g. dramatically, promptly, abruptly, unexpectedly, immediately, instantly.


Now try to write a sentence containing your adverbs.

e.g. Immediately after Argos had swallowed the final drop of the potion, Argos dramatically dropped to the floor and began to wriggle uncontrollably.


Now plan what happens next.

e.g. The dragon tries to talk but only bubbles come out.


Write this including dialogue.

e.g. Eventually, Argos stopped moving and stood up slowly as if he were in a daze. He opened his mouth, and a high pitched squeak came out accompanied by a swarm of brilliant, bouncing bubbles.


"I knew something would go wrong." grumbled Leitmeritz under his breath.

"What do I do now?" squeaked Argos as he trudged sorrowfully away from the wizard's castle to hide in shame.


Once you have read and checked your work, email it to us on the school email.