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Today we are planning our own story.


Which Fairy tale character is going to visit the wizard, Leitmeritz next? He has already been visited by a toad and a dragon. 


Once you have chosen your character decide what that character's problem might be. Remember, the toad wanted to be turned back into a prince and the dragon had a sore throat from breathing fire all the time.


You also need to think about what happens when the potion goes wrong. Remember in the story, the toad kept changing colour and the dragon breathed out bubbles instead of fire!


Now start to map out your story. Remember that the whole story will be told from the point of view of your main character. Think about the plot points in the story and plan what will happen at each point.


Plot point 1: Your character arrives at Leitmeritz' castle and describes their problem.


Plot point 2: Leitmeritz prepares the potion.


Plot point 3: The potion goes wrong.


Plot point 4: Your character gets upset and leaves.


Plot point 5: Leitmeritz hides away in shame.


Now think about which lenses you will use when you are writing. Try to choose at least one Fantastic and one Grammaristic for each plot point.

The Writing Rainbow by Jane Considine

Now practise telling your story orally to someone at home.


You don't need to write it down yet!


Try to tell the story more than once as you will add details to it each time.


Don't forget to send your story plan to use at: