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We are imagining that Aladdin is entering a cave today.


Start by creating your own dark cave somewhere in your house. Think about words to describe how you feel. e.g. nervous, anxious, excited, 


Now think about what you are doing.

e.g. trembling, shaking, quaking, quivering


Imagine Aladdin is about to enter the cave. write a complex sentence describing how he feels.

e.g. Quaking with trepidation, Aladdin couldn't wait to enter the cave.


Think about verbs and adverbs to describe Aladdin and how he is moving.

e.g. verbs: crept, sneaked, edged, inched, shuffled, tiptoed. 

adverbs: nervously, cautiously, sensitively, gingerly, anxiously.


Try to put this into a sentence.

e.g. Gingerly, he crept towards the cave's edge.


Think of adjectives to describe the cave.

e.g. dank, dark, spooky, sinister, slimy, cool, clammy, close.


Think of similes for the way Aladdin entered the cave.

e.g. like the child on her first day at school, like an express train, like a covert detective.


Put your ideas into a sentence.

e.g. The cave was dark and damp, dank and dusty, stuffy and smelly. Aladdin dived into the hole like a leopard chasing its prey.