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We are continuing to write effective sentences today.


Here are some nouns from page 8 of our story.

blossom, fireflies, jasmine, fountain, cypresses, pergolas.


Now think about some propositions.

e.g. under, next to, adjacent to, in between.


Combine these to create your super sentences to describe the setting.

e.g. Beneath the pink blossom of the oleander tree, fireflies were sipping nectar. Adjacent to the tall cypresses were sparkling streams, glinting in the night air.


Spend a couple of minutes listening to this cave.

Cave sounds 11 hours - Cave dripping water with echo. Relaxation, calm, meditation, sleep, study

Download Series: 11 hour versions: Waves 11 hrs: Gentle Stream 11hrs.: https://www.yout...

Collect verbs to describe the sounds.

e.g. bubbling, trickling, seeping, dripping.


Also collect words for the nature of the sounds.

e.g. echoed, resonated, bounced, vibrated.


Try to combine these to describe what Aladdin could hear in the cave.

e.g. Aladdin listened carefully. He heard a slow drip reverberating around the cave and a strange creature scuttling in the shadows.


Remind yourself about questions words.

e.g. What, where, how, when, who, why, which.


Think about questions that Aladdin might ask himself.

e.g. "What is this peculiar place?" he thought to himself.


Read through your work to check that you are happy with it, and then send it to us.