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We are continuing to write effective sentences today.


Start by looking carefully at this lamp.

Think about synonyms for hanging.

e.g. suspended, dangling, strung, mounted, positioned.


Now collect adjectives to describe the lamp.

e.g. shiny, bright, glittery, bronzed, golden, dented.


Think about some magical words.

e.g. mysterious, enchanting, mesmerising, spellbinding, bewitching.


Select some of these ideas to include in your sentence.

e.g. Suspended magically in the glittering gazebo and an ornate but slightly tarnished lamp.


Think about Aladdin's reaction to seeing the lamp and try to form that into a sentence.

e.g. Aladdin's curiosity was peaked.


Remember the plural possessive apostrophes that we looked at last week? We may need them now. 


Think about some action words for Aladdin reaching out for the lamp.

e.g. grasped, plucked, grabbed, removed.


Now think about personification words for elements of nature.

e.g. branches (bowed, saluted, curtsied) droplets (sobbed, wept) birdsong (cheered, applauded) leaves (whispered, danced).


Combine your ideas to create a sentence or two.

e.g. As he reached out and prised the lamp away, the trees' leaves danced, the fountains' droplets mourned and the nightingales' voices celebrated.


Once you have read through your work carefully, send it to us.