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We are writing effective sentences for our fantasy story today.


Gather a bank of intriguing adjectives to describe a ring. 

e.g. magical, special, enchanted.


Now try to create an interesting sentence about Aladdin finding the ring with a note attached.

e.g. On the dusty ground, Aladdin saw a plain ring (made of dull black iron) with a note attached. The note read, "This ring is so extremely enchanting and so magical, whoever wears me will be safe from harm."

Aladdin slipped the ring on his finger.


Now think about Aladdin returning to his Uncle. Think of synonyms for shouted.

e.g. hissed, bellowed, yelled.


Now write what Aladdin's uncle might say to him.

E.g. "Hurry up! Where is it? You flea-ridden peasant!" screeched his Uncle.


Next, think about urgent time adverbials. E.g. As quick as a flash, In the blink of an eye.


Also, list synonyms for threw.

E.g. flung, chucked, hurled.


Now, list ambitious colour shades and pair each one with an alternative verb for showering down. 

E.g. crimson cascaded, scarlet scattered.


Now try to build an interesting sentence incorporating these ideas. 

E.g. As quick as a flash, Uncle flung a magical powder - blue billowed, orange overflowed and turquoise tumbled. The earth groaned and shook and the entrance to the tunnel closed.


Once you've checked your work, send it to us.