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We are writing effective sentences for our fantasy story today.


Start by collecting words to describe darkness.

E.g. gloomy, pitch-black, jet-black.


Find comparisons to other pitch-black things.

E.g. night sky, midnight, coal.


Now try to build a sentence that describes the darkness if the cave using a simile.

E.g. The cave was as dark as a bat's wing.


Now, collect verbs for crying.

E.g. sobbing, whimpering.


Gather words for how Aladdin is feeling.

Fear, terror, desperation.


Try to build an interesting sentence using these ideas.

E.g. Sobbing with fear, he realised there was no way out.


Think about words for bad smells.

E.g. stink, stench, odour.


Collect adverbials to show that lots of time has passed.

E.g. As days merged with nights, After what seemed like an age.


Explore feelings for this moment.

E.g. despair, dismay.


Build these into sentences to form a paragraph.

E.g. After what seemed like an age, a sense of hopelessness began to set in. The walls reeked of rotten eggs, the ground smelt as putrid as mouldy bread and a depressing stench of loneliness hung in the air. He fell asleep with tears in his eyes and awoke - still bleary-eyed - to find that nothing had changed.


Once you have checked your writing, send it to us.