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We are writing effective sentences for our fantasy story today.


Aladdin rubs the magical ring. 


Start by thinking about words to describe a storm.

E.g. wild, dangerous, raging, angry.


Write your sentences telling the reader that Aladdin rubs the ring and describing what happens.

E.g. Yawning and stretching, his hand brushed against the iron ring in his pocket that he had completely forgotten about. Crash! Bang! Boom! The cave erupted. A dangerous, cold and raging storm had started.


A Jinnee appears. 


Gather adverbs for how Aladdin see the Jinnee.

E.g. clearly, dimly, through the mystical red haze.


Add these ideas to your sentences.

E.g. he could see it clearly through the wild, magical storm.


Think about what the Jinnee's eyes might look like.

E.g. piercing, glowing, penetrating


And what he might say.

E.g. Your wish is my command, Master.


Add these ideas to your sentences.

E.g. With piercing red eyes, the Jinnee stared at him and boomed, "Let me grant you your heart's desire."


Once you have checked your writing. Send it to us.