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We are continuing to write effective sentences for our fantasy story today.


Think of words to describe how Aladdin feels.

E.g. amazed, excited, astounded.


Think about possible dialogue for Aladdin. 

E.g. take me home.


Put these into a sentence.

E.g. Aladdin who was astonished and amazed, stammered, "I order you to set me free!"


Gather a bank of immediately adverbs.

E.g. instantly, suddenly.


Apply human behaviours to the actions of the earth.

E.g. groaned, yawned, trembled.


Put these ideas together in a sentence.

E.g. Immediately, the earth stretched, groaned and bleached Aladdin out.


Explore a range of 'If only' statements.

E.g. if only he hadn't stayed at home. If only he hadn't trusted his Uncle.


Compile a list of words to describe Aladdin's experience.

E.g. Tragedy, drama, nightmare.


Put these ideas together.

E.g. If only he'd listened to his mother; if only he hadn't entered the cave; if only he hadn't been so trusting...the entire nightmare could have been avoided.


Once you've checked your work, send it to us.