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Today we are planning our own story.


You are going to be the main character and have an adventure like Aladdin did.


Think about what your magical item might be and where you might get trapped.


Now start to map out your story. Remember that the whole story will be told from the point of view of your main character. Think about the plot points in the story and plan what will happen at each point.


Plot point 1: You meet a long lost relative who claims to need your help.


Plot point 2: You go with them to help them, find your magical object but notice that everything seems strange.


Plot point 3: Your long lost character was tricking you. They lose their temper and cast a spell on you so that you are trapped.


Plot point 4: Describe where you are trapped and how you feel.


Plot point 5: You accidentally rub the magical item and a genie appears.


Plot point 6: The genie helps and you return home.


Now think about which lenses you will use when you are writing. Try to choose at least one Fantastic and one Grammaristic for each plot point. You might also include some of the Boomtastics that we have looked at.

The Writing Rainbow by Jane Considine

When you have planned your story, tell it to someone at home. Don't worry about writing it down yet. Tell your story orally more than once as you will improve it each time you tell it.


When you are happy with your story plan, send it to us at: