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Today, we are writing effective sentences for a newspaper report. 

Start by thinking about themes for our newspaper report from The Wizard of Once Story. 

E.g. witches, wizards, Sychorax, warrior, clan, Encanzo, magic, war, iron, weapons, Wildwoods, wand, spell, sword, axe, metal, black.


Now collect homophones.

E.g. wood/would, Sychorax/axe/sick, iron/eye-on.


Create puns.

E.g. Who let the warriors out? A Bad Spell! Her royal die-ness, black bloods  who's in our neighbour - wood? Who wood do this? Eye-on Warrior Queen. 


Choose you favourite idea to create a headline that includes a pun.

E.g. Sick-Chor-Axes.


Now think about adjectives to describe Sychorax.

E.g. magic-hater, tyrant, cruel, crazed, menacing, brutal.


Create alliterative phrases.

E.g. crazed queen, menacing monarch, iron invaders, ruthless royal, warped warriors, terrible tyrant. 


Combine these ideas to create your sentence.

E.g. Malicious magic-hater declares war on Wizards of Wildwoods. 


Now create a caption to accompany a photograph of Sychorax.

E.g. Ruthless queen swears to destroy ALL magic by beheading.


Remember to send all of your completely sentences to us at: