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We are writing effective sentences for our newspaper report again today.


Start by thinking of sentence starters beginning with, Since...

e.g. Since arriving many years before... Since a very long time ago... since their unwelcome arrival.


Now think of some noun phrases to describe witches.

e.g. dark magic, vicious creatures, 


Choose your favourite ideas to write in your sentence.

e.g. Since invading the wildwoods, the Warrior clan has battled to destroy the most terrible of dark magic - witches!


Now, collect negative similes for witches.

e.g. As poisonous as an adder's bite; talons as sharp as icicles.


Choose your favourite to add to your sentence.

e.g. These cruel creatures, with eyes as cold as white arrows, are thankfully now extinct.


Think of an alternative way of referring to Queen Sychorax.

e.g. Senseless killer, cruel queen.


Use an expanded noun phrase in your sentence.

e.g. But now, this disillusioned queen thinks that all magic is bad - especially Wizards.


Once you have checked your work, send it to us at: