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In English we are continuing our writing. We are writing plot point 4 - Rhodopis is left behind and has chores to complete. Her precious slippers become damage and a surprise appears in the sky - a falcon. 


Below is the vocabulary sheet - remember to collect the vocabulary before you write your sentences, 

My modelled writing is towards the bottom of this page. 
Watch the following video for the second vocabulary box - you are looking for vocabulary for 'sad' and how we feel when things are taken or damaged.

Woody's hand broken scene full in (toy story 2)

ToyStoryWoody'sHandIs brokenWhenAndyPlayWith it then........

Watch the following video for the third vocabulary box - you are collecting vocabulary that describes the birds movements in the sky, for example circles, hovers. Watch it from about 3:45 smiley.


Flying birds in slow motion. Birds in flight. Music - "Fluidscape", Kevin MacLeod,

Here is my modelled writing to support your independent work, this is the writing I will be writing on the board. 


Part One - Rhodopis sighed and turned to the pile of dirty clothes. If she didn’t get her chores finished, she knew she would be in trouble when the others returned.


Part Two - As she stepped towards the water, her foot slipped and her golden slipper became covered in mud. She couldn’t help but sob because they were her most treasured possession.


Part Three - She wiped her shoe on her tunic and left it to dry on the bank behind her. Unknown to her, above her a great falcon circled in the sky with wings that spread so wide he blotted out the sun.

I look forward to seeing your writing later. smiley