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In English we are continuing our writing. We are writing the following plot point  - Rhodopis's slippers are stolen by the falcon. He flies off and follows the River Nile as far as the Pharaoh's court and drops the slippers at the Pharaoh's feet.


 Below is the vocabulary sheet - remember to collect the vocabulary before you write your sentences.

Watch the video and collect vocabulary for how the birds gather up their prey, for example swoop. You are collecting verbs and adverbs. 

Peregrine Falcon Sky Dive - Inside the Perfect Predator - BBC

Want more natural history and wildlife videos? Visit the official BBC Earth channel: BBC Earth The BBC Earth YouTube channel is home...

My model writing: 


Attracted by the sparkling, the falcon swooped down and snatched the slipper from the ground. He flew high towards the sun until he was no more than a dark speck.

Now write yours. 
Look at the picture below. Describe what you can see - imagine you are the bird flying high, for example winding river...

My model writing: 


For hours, he followed the winding path of the Nile until, eventually, he arrived at the Pharaoh’s court.

Now write yours - remember the falcon must arrive at the Pharaoh's court. 
Look at the picture below. In particular pay attention to the falcon - what is he doing? Collect verbs and adverbs, for example sitting still...

My model writing: 


There he watched and waited and when the time was right, he dropped the slipper at the Pharaoh’s feet.

Now write yours, remember the falcon drops the slippers at the Pharaoh's feet. 


When you have completed your sentences go back and read them. Have you written in past tense? Are your spellings correct? Make sure your writing makes sense. 


I look forward to seeing your work later. smiley