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In English we are continuing our writing. We are writing the final plot point  - The servants try on the slipper and it doesn't fit, the Pharaoh gets fed up and goes to leave. He then spots Rhodopis in the bushes and calls her out, she tries on the slipper, it fits and they leave together. 


 Watch the video below and collect vocabulary for how the servants are trying on the shoes (the verbs). For example, squeezed, crammed. 

Cinderella - Disney 1950 - Rescuing Cinderella - stepsisters try on the slipper

Rescuing Cinderella while stepsisters try on the slipper. Cinderella is a 1950 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney and originally ...

My model writing: 


The servants took it in turns to try on the slipper. Each one cramped their foot and curled their toes until tears ran down their faces.


Now write yours. 

Next, think about the Pharaoh, how do you think he is feeling? Remember, he has travelled far and wide to find the person that owns the slipper and now it is looking like he won't find her! Collect vocabulary, for example - disappointed. 


My model writing: 


Growing weary of their efforts, Amasis decided to leave. As he turned towards his barge, he spotted Rhodopis hiding in the rushes.


Now write yours.

Watch the video below. This is the scene of Cinderella trying on the glass shoe, collect vocabulary to describe how she does it. For example, she slipped her foot in. 


Cinderella | Cinderella Tries On The Glass Slipper | Disney Princess

Prince Charming will do everything to be with Cinderella again and so will she! 😍 Watch this short clip from Disney's #Cinderella, where Cinderella tries on ...

My model writing: 


He beckoned her to come and try on the slipper. He knelt before her and she slipped her tiny foot into it with ease. His face beamed with joy as he led Rhodopis towards the royal barge and a new life together.


Now write yours.


When you have completed your sentences go back and read them. Have you written in past tense? Are your spellings correct? Make sure your writing makes sense. 


I look forward to seeing your work later