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Today we are continuing to plan our independent writing. You are writing your own version of The Egyptian Cinderella. We will be keeping the exact same plot points but you will have some choices to make. Take a look at the planning sheet I have uploaded. 


These are the things you need to add to the boxes:


Intro - is your character a boy or a girl? Where have they been kidnapped from and who were they kidnapped by? Where is your story set? 


PP1 - Your character misses home. Other people are mean to her/him. 


PP2 - Makes friends with the animals. Given a gift of clothing. Who from? What is the item?


PP3 - Invite arrives. Character told they can't go to the party. Who tells her and how do they say it? 


PP4 - Your character is left behind. Her gift gets damaged. How? Bird flying above that isn't noticed. 


PP5 - What type of bird steals the item? What do they see as they fly off? Who does he give it to? Prince? Princess? King? Queen? You choose. 


PP6 - What does the person decide to do to find your character and get the gift back to them? 


PP7 -  The gift is tried on by others and it doesn't fit. Your 'Cinderella' character is eventually found and they go off together.  


You jotted down ideas on Friday, whether you were at school or not, so use those and make your choices now. 


I'm really looking forward to this piece of writing, you have worked so hard over the last few weeks!


I look forward to seeing your ideas later.